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Article: Why we started AMELI? Meet our Founder Christina

Why we started AMELI founder story

Why we started AMELI? Meet our Founder Christina

Hi there gorgeous! 

I am Christina, the Co-Founder & CEO. I am the driving force behind our ideas, designs and vision. I've been consulting fashion and retail companies for over 4.5 years. I know how to pack efficiently, how to appear stylish and how to feel empowered and self-confident when wearing the right outfit. This is not always the case and I often found myself in compromises.

We are talking about 4.5 years with 4 handbags that all failed me. This is not satisfying and sustainable. How often did the handbag slip from the suitcase? How often did the clients see the chaos in my bag? I even sometimes travelled with a small handbag and a laptop bag, if I didn't had to take the plane, because my laptop didn't fit into the bags I had back then. And let's be honest, we all know the very functional, masculine bags - it's not the nice kind of style break wearing that with pencil skirt and high heels. 

So our ambition is to create timeless, elegant, high-quality bags for business women without compromising in functionality.

My personal, no compromise dream bag for business is our CENTRAL, the everyday, hands-free solution is our BELLEVUE. 

I truly think that the outfit we wear can give us self-confidence. It's the easiest way to live after the motto "fake it till you make it", to conquer our inner doubts and to radiate professionalism and authority. But the outfit can't fix it alone. It's our attitude, our presence, our thoughts that make us truly great and outstanding. We as AMELI want to empower business women by sharing our experiences, best practices etc.  We want you and all business women out there to not only be stylish, but to be ambitions, bold and proud.

When I talk about you and me and all the other business women, I mostly talk about privileged women. I am grateful that I have a great education and the chance to follow my dreams. Many women in the world don't have access to education, and we want to support them in their right to learn. Therefore, we donate 5% of our profits to selected non-profit organisations and currently discuss potential ways of working together with DressForSuccess.

When I started this journey together with my co-founder,  I just thought of it as a "Let's try" kind of thing. The more we learn and get involved, I realize that we could really make an impact.

WE. YOU. All business women out there. Please support our little growing plant and help us to make an even greater impact!


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