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Your AMELI bag, your vision!

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Craftsmanship, integrity, transparency

At AMELI, we are committed to crafting handbags that last while staying true to our values of transparency, craftsmanship and integrity. Our products are produced under fair working conditions in Italy, with transparent sourcing and a fully traceable supply chain using materials exclusively from Italy. 

High-quality and transparent sourcing in Italy

We prioritize traceability in our supply chain and high quality to ensure longevity. We carefully source all our materials in Italy from established manufacturers.


Our handbags are made from carefully selected genuine Italian leather. To choose the best possible leather, we work with established Italian tanneries, that work in accordance with the high EU regulations and standards. Our Soft Grain Leather and Pebbled Leather are Leather Working Group (LWG) certified. This certification is a testament to our dedication to producing high-quality leather while minimizing our ecological footprint.

Being certified by the LWG means that our leather production processes adhere to the highest environmental standards. We are dedicated to using resources efficiently, reducing waste, and ensuring that our practices are safe for both the environment and our workers. All of the leathers used are a by-product of food production.


Other materials

All our materials are transparently sourced in Italy. To ensure the longevity and quality of our bags, even the smallest components, such as cotton inlay or metalware, are carefully researched and handpicked.


Handmade in Italy with integrity

We believe that creating high-quality leather products requires combining modern and best-in-class materials with years of experience in leather processing and manufacturing. That is why our bags are designed and engineered in Switzerland and exclusively hand-manufactured in Italy by a small, traditional family business, with utmost attention to detail and the highest level of precision and care. The proximity of the leather manufacturer to the Swiss border allows us to benefit from close collaboration and personal exchanges of ideas and experiences, creating a complementary and novel approach to creating innovative products.

In order to appreciate our resources, we work on minimizing our carbon footprint, avoiding overproduction, and using leather leftovers.

#1 Reducing Waste

It is estimated that in Europe alone close to 200 thousand tons of leather waste are generated each year. We want to counteract this and respect this valuable resource. Therefore, we added small leather accessories to our product range, so that also leather leftovers find a purpose.

#2 Counteracting Overproduction

Every year, 20% of the produced fashion pieces are not sold. The pieces are disposed of, shredded or burned. We are completely against these standards. To counteract overproduction in the textile industry, we only produce small, low-risk batches. As a consequence, we might sometimes be out of stock - but we believe the environment is worth it.

#3 Minimizing Carbon Footprint

By sourcing all of our materials in Italy and not having any intermediaries, we were able to minimize the steps and geographical distance between the raw materials and your doorstep. This, combined with our value-focused design principles and CO2-friendly shipping, allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

Extend wear with timeless design and maintenance

Our requirement for the design is that our products are timeless and elegant as well as functional. Thanks to timeless aesthetics, we resist ever-changing trends and consciously select colors and shapes that can be worn over a longer period of time.

We want to help you to maximize the lifetime of your AMELI and encourage our first instinct to be to repair rather than replace.

Leather Care

Our supplier has offered their best tips to assure your favorite AMELI bag stays with you for as long as possible.


Repair Service

We offer a repair service to ensure longevity. Each repair is undertaken with the utmost care by our supplier in Italy.