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With AMELI, we want to create a space that not only brings you the brand you were missing in the corporate world, but also helps women everywhere feel like the best version of themselves. As our team consists (almost) completely out of women, we recognize a need for women to be empowered and informed. We want to accompany women on their journey by offering advice and perspectives.


Contributing to a world where every girl has equal chances

Growing up in the western world, we are privileged to get every education we can dream of. Unfortunately, this is still an unattainable privilege for over 130 million girls worldwide. We want to do our part to contribute to an equal world by supporting women in their right to education. We believe that education is at the root of the improvement of our world and we want to contribute to a better world by donating part of our profits to NGO's for female education.

Since our start in 2020, we donated almost 10.000 CHF to the Malala Fund, Women's Hope, Amnesty International and Caritas. As a bootstrapped start-up, giving back at already such an early stage means the world to us.


Empowered women empower women

A fundamental belief at AMELI is that we can learn and benefit from each other - so we want to be more than a bag. To support and encourage women in their careers, we created our blogpost series "Strong Voices".

Each month, we are going to share an interview with a successful female personality, who sets an example and role model for other women. We believe that the stories of such "Strong Voices" about their career paths, related difficulties, and lessons learned will empower other women to pursue their dreams and gain more self-confidence.

#StrongVoice Interviews

Strong Voices Interview #27: Catharina Riedl

Strong Voices Interview #27: Catharina Riedl

During our interview with Catharina, she shared her insights on a range of topics, including her sources of inspiration and motivation, strategies for balancing her professional and personal life...

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Verena Pausder

Strong Voices Interview #26: Verena Pausder

This interview with Verena Pausder is not a typical one of our Strong Voice interviews, it was more like: Packing all my doubts into questions and getting answers, new food for thought and inspir...

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Strong Voices Interview #25: Kristina Lunz

Strong Voices Interview #25: Kristina Lunz

Kristina embodies not only a Strong Voice, but a powerful voice for change. I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time in person January, in Berlin, where we were commemorating the open...

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A glance behind the scenes

Our blog posts are part of our DNA. We want to take you behind the scenes, share with you our beliefs and want to encourage you with our contributions to go your own way. Our blog posts deal with our motivation, our production & sourcing, but also about women's empowerment and self-development.