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High-quality Italian materials

We value high quality and transparency and are happy that we can combine both in our supply chain. We carefully select all our materials from established players in Italy that are known for their experience, craftsmanship and quality.

Our premium Italian leathers

We work with established Italian tanneries, that have long years of experience and work in accordance with the high EU regulations and standards.  We're proud to mention that our Soft Grain Leather and Pebbled Leather are certified by the Leather Working Group. This certification is a testament to our dedication to producing high-quality leather while minimizing our ecological footprint. Being certified by the LWG means that our leather production processes adhere to the highest environmental standards. We are dedicated to using resources efficiently, reducing waste, and ensuring that our practices are safe for both the environment and our workers. All of the leathers used are a by-product of food production. 
 In our leather selection, we prioritize durability as well as resistance to wear, dirt, and water. Such quality of leather guarantees that our pieces are long-lasting and have an excellent touch and visual finish.


This leather has a supple finish and is dirt-, water- and scratch-resistant. The spanning in the tannery creates a high-quality, long-lasting, and durable surface, making it perfect for everyday use.


This soft grain leather highlights the leather's natural texture. It is minimally processed to illustrate the pure, organic surface and also has an excellent resistance against wear.

Saffiano Leather

This leather is similar to our pebbled leather, only with a little different surface structure, making it as well scratch-, dirt- and water-resistant. The name 'Saffiano' comes from the cross hatch print that is pressed into the wax that coats the leather.

Transparently sourced

Premium Italian materials

Even the smallest components, such as the extremely resistant cotton/polyester blend inlay or metalware, are carefully researched and handpicked from suppliers in Italy.


We have established a partnership with a premier metalware producer in Italy, known for their impeccable craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. Their high-quality metal pieces are an integral part of our handbag designs.


We collaborate with a distinguished reinforcement producer based in Italy, renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Their meticulously crafted reinforcements are vital for handbags, ensuring long-lasting shape and stability.


Our webbing producer in Italy is renowned for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. The proximity to our Italian handbag manufacturer ensures seamless coordination and allows us to deliver shoulder straps of exceptional quality and style.