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Article: Strong Voice Interview #35: Victoria Effer

Strong Voice Interview #35: Victoria Effer

Victoria Effer, leader of Women@LinkedIn in Dublin, is known for her impactful presentations and recent podcast venture "She Can Brag." In this Strong Voice interview, we asked her about her journey in building her personal brand, the importance of mentors, her plans for 2024, and her dream AMELI handbag.

"I firmly believe that when you pursue your passions, success follows."
Victoria Effer

 Victoria Effer

You've been significantly building your personal brand for about a year now, whether it's on your profiles on LinkedIn or Instagram, but also as a speaker - how did this come about?

At the beginning of last year, I deeply considered what truly brings me joy and then decided to "just" go for it. This led to a kind of chain reaction: I started posting more content on topics that are important to me, connected with interesting personalities, and increasingly received opportunities to speak. I firmly believe that when you pursue your passions, success follows.

How important are mentors or role models to you, and do you have any yourself?

Very important! Looking back on my journey, I realize that without the many inspiring conversations, I wouldn't have reached the point where I am today. My first step into the world of mentoring relationships was when I contacted individuals on LinkedIn during my studies. At that time, I wanted to learn more about which companies and professions might be interesting for me. Today, I am a mentor myself and am happy to share some of my knowledge through it.

Of course, I still have role models! Too many to name them all, but currently, founders like Vivien Wysocki & Larissa Schmid from saint sass or podcast hosts like Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy inspire me especially.

You're still at the beginning of your career yourself, but: What have you learned over the past few years that you wish you had known earlier?

I have many strengths and am allowed to show them! In the past, I always held back a lot or simply didn't "dare" to show what I'm capable of. Quite classic according to the motto "You don't talk about successes." So, if you've achieved something you're proud of, please talk about it and don't hide your light under a bushel! Maybe you can even inspire others with it - by the way, exactly what my podcast "She Can Brag" is all about!

Do you have any special plans for 2024?

Definitely! I'll only reveal this much: It stays exciting...

Several speaking events, including panel discussions, moderations, and keynotes, are already scheduled in my calendar. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn to stay updated!

If you had to put an AMELI on your wishlist, which model & color would you choose - and why?

I find the entire collection very exciting!

But if I really had to choose, my current situation would lead me to choose the "SEEFELD" model because it offers the perfect combination of a beautiful and timeless design with high utility for my everyday life. As for the color, I would definitely prefer black, as it always lends a classic look and perfectly complements my other outfits!


Victoria Effer leads Women@LinkedIn in Dublin, an inclusive community focused on empowering women and advancing their professional development. As a keynote speaker, she has delivered many inspiring presentations, including events at Google EMEA HQ, Disney in London, and IE University in Madrid.

A few months ago, she launched her podcast "She Can Brag", where she interviews fascinating personalities from the business world on a bi-weekly basis.

Additionally, Victoria has been recognized as one of the "Top 30 Most Influential Voices in Tech" by D2 and as a LinkedIn Top Voice for Social Media Marketing.

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