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Article: Strong Voice Interview #34: Dr. Claudia Borgas-Herold

Strong Voice Interview #34: Dr. Claudia Borgas-Herold

With an impressive career spanning various exciting positions, Dr. Claudia Borgas-Herold has gained a wealth of experience. In this interview, she shares insights into how her time at Booz Allen Hamilton has shaped her professionally and how she has successfully advised CEOs and boards of directors while working independently.

"Regularly question if you are still in the right workplace and truly enjoy it."
Dr. Claudia Borgas-Herold

 Dr. Claudia Borgas-Herold

You have worked in many exciting positions - which role has influenced you the most?

... attributing an entire career to one position is truly challenging. Booz Allen Hamilton was my apprenticeship, where I undoubtedly experienced the most professional growth and learned how to build success and a career. In my entrepreneurship, I exclusively advised CEOs and board members, shaping them into a cohesive team. There, I learned how to navigate the C-suite and build trust even when the starting position seemed quite daunting.

What helped you navigate your path and avoid being unsettled by others' opinions?

I always had a team that believed in me and provided authentic feedback, which strengthened me. Simultaneously, I remained open, curious, and diligently explored the world - this helped. I rarely experienced uncertainty, primarily because I was always in alignment with my values: justice, openness, honesty, and trust consistently accompanied me in the business world and served as significant guides in raising my children - up to today. Although my naturally direct approach may be somewhat challenging for some initially, it has proven to be an asset in the medium term.

You lead a team yourself. What is the biggest challenge for you in this regard, and how do you address it?

The greatest challenge is balancing


  • keeping the entire team focused on the necessary goals,
  • not losing sight of external influences, and simultaneously
  • maintaining respect and listening to each individual and engaging in dialogue with them.
  • From my experience, if this balance is disrupted, the solution lies in communication, communication, communication. In my view, this applies emotionally to all our relationships; the closer, the more intense the exchange should be.

    What is one career tip you wish you had known earlier?

    Regularly question if you are still in the right workplace and truly enjoy it. While I always had a certain degree of enjoyment, if I had challenged myself more, I would have accepted the executive position back then and would be in a different place today. This doesn't mean that my work puzzle doesn't fulfill me today. I seek enjoyment in all my work now; only then can I grow beyond myself with commitment.

    As a woman on the supervisory board, you still represent the exception, and more women like you are needed as role models for young women. Did you have role models or mentors who stood by you on this journey?

    No, I had nothing of the sort, even though I would have liked to have had a few conversations back then. I worked in a predominantly male-dominated work environment at that time. Precisely because of this, I started coaching and developing young female professionals years ago. It brings me a lot of joy to accompany them on their journey. This holds true for all my areas of work: in the supervisory board, in my collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, and also in my role in the leadership development of top management.


    Claudia boasts over 30 years of experience in corporate transformation, serves as a Non-executive Board Member for various Tech DAX companies, and has a focused industry expertise in chemistry and telecommunications. Additionally, her role as a Senior Advisor at BCG underscores her significant contributions to strategy and leadership, further establishing her as a key figure in guiding tech-oriented firms through innovation and growth.


    We are super happy that our VIADUKT WORK in sandstone accompanies Claudia on her path.


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