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AMELI ZURICH is a handbag brand based in Zurich, founded in 2020 by Christina and Charly Stahl. Their mission is to meet the needs of modern, working women. The idea for AMELI ZURICH originated from Christina and Charly's personal journey, a couple working in consulting and frequently traveling with their laptops. While stylish and practical laptop bags were readily available for men, Christina noticed a lack of elegant, chic options for businesswomen that also offered functionality. AMELI ZURICH is dedicated to producing timeless and elegant bags, emphasizing their core values of transparency, craftsmanship, and integrity.

This premium handbag brand strives to create durable, high-quality bags that not only withstand the test of time but can also be used, cherished, and passed down through generations. AMELI ZURICH combines functionality with timeless design and elegance in their (business) handbags. A prime example is the best-selling "Viadukt Work" bag, which seamlessly transforms from an elegant laptop bag to a practical and versatile backpack with ease.

„Bags can't change the world. The women who wear them can.“
Christina Stahl, Founder AMELI ZURICH

"Empowering women with and beyond handbags."

The vision of empowering intelligent, conscious, and independent women is always at the forefront of AMELI ZURICH. With her brand, Christina Stahl creates a space beyond bags, encouraging women to learn from and benefit each other.

This commitment gave rise to the brand's own blog post series, "Strong Voices," where every month an interview with a successful female personality is shared as an example and inspiration for other women. The stories of these women, detailing their career paths, the challenges they faced, and the lessons learned, aim to empower other women to pursue their dreams and gain more confidence.

"For a world with equal opportunities for all."

AMELI ZURICH is actively committed to improving the global equality of women. Since its founding in 2020, AMELI ZURICH has placed social responsibility at the core of its business and has already donated over 15,000 CHF to selected NGOs such as the Malala Fund, Women's Hope, and CFFP. As a self-funded startup, AMELI ZURICH takes great pride in being able to give back at such an early stage.

In addition to their donations, AMELI ZURICH recently released a collection in collaboration with business influencer Annahita Esmailzadeh. The message "Break the Bias" on the bags of this collection underscores AMELI ZURICH's commitment to equality and calls for overcoming existing biases and stereotypes.

Transparency, craftsmanship, and integrity

During production, AMELI ZURICH prioritizes craftsmanship, integrity, and transparency. The production takes place under fair working conditions in Italy, with a transparent procurement process and a fully traceable supply chain. AMELI ZURICH crafts bags with the clear goal of creating durable products. The name AMELI embodies the brand's mission, inspired by the French verb "améliorer," which means to improve and enhance, symbolizing the pursuit of continuous improvement and progress.


AMELI ZURICH firmly believes that luxury and transparency should go hand in hand. All materials are carefully and transparently sourced from Italy, and cost components are communicated to the customer.


The products are manufactured with great precision and care by a family-owned business in Northern Italy under fair working conditions, using high-quality materials. AMELI ZURICH visits the production site 6-8 times a year.


To avoid overproduction, we only order in small quantities and do not have sales. We also utilize leather scraps for smaller accessories to minimize waste.