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Maroon Red | Soft Grain Leather


SFr. 29.00
Color: Maroon Red | Soft Grain Leather

Some background...

WE DON'T DO SALES... normally.

We believe in timeless design and products that last.

That is for us a conscious decision that also includes a 'no sales' policy and a step away from the fast-paced fashion seasons.

Overproduction is one of the main causes of climate change with 20% of pieces not even sold each year. Sales contribute a huge part to a non-sustainable fashion business model.

We believe in less is always better.

We only produce in small charges in Italy. Also, timeless pieces are never an 'It-piece', but an investment for years. Bags are non-seasonal. So we basically don't have overproduction and thus, no need to do sales.

This approach, combined with us selling only directly to you, enables us to offer you our bags for fair prices (and not adding already a potential 'sale' margin on the final price).

However, exceptions prove the rule.

We are having our only sale this year.

We are changing our warehouse and want to move on with 'lighter' luggage, so we decided to say goodbye to some of our bags.

For us, it is important that you understand our reasoning and our attitude towards regular sales. Transparency, also in our communication, is after all one of our core beliefs.