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Artikel: Einen schönen 1. August!

Happy 1st of August!

Einen schönen 1. August!

Today is Swiss National Day! For us a reason to celebrate it together with you and other Swiss start-ups. 

We truly believe in supporting other businesses and as a start-up ourselves, we love the idea of connecting our communities and showcasing you other fun brands.

Together with five other Swiss brands, we organized a giveaway worth in total 1200 CHF with 200 CHF vouchers from each brands (also AMELI ;)).



Let's present you our currently favorite Swiss start-ups 

DAGSMEJAN - innovative sleepwear

In cooperation with Swiss sleep experts, the Zurich-based brand Dagsmejan has developed exclusive fabrics to improve sleep quality. By using custom technologies for each of their 4 core collections, they combine the best of Swiss innovation and nighttime comfort. Their Stay Cool collection offers cooling sleepwear for hot summer nights and includes trendy designs and moisture wicking sleepwear sets for women and men alike.  



NAMUK - kids outdoor label

The first Swiss outdoor label for kids, namuk, was born in the Swiss Alps. Their mission: to let children discover and experience nature with all their senses and without a care. Since 2016, the team has developed durable, thoughtfully designed and long-lasting children’s clothing with their own innovation, such as toilet zippers or washable garbage pockets. Their waterproof EON backpack is not just a backpack but also doubles as a sit pad for breaks along the way. Namuk’s multipurpose products are a testament to Swiss innovators’ dedication to functionality. 



LUVIYO - yoga mats and wear

After an exhausting day of hiking you’ll be in need of a soft surface for some gentle stretching. The Swiss brand creates premium, sustainable products around yoga and wellbeing that help people reconnect mind and body.  By using a mix of the best materials, Luviyo developed their All-in-One yoga mat. Made from recycled plastic bottles and natural rubber, their signature yoga mat makes for a non-slip but gentle base for any yoga flow. Together with their cork block and stainless steel bottle they create the perfect set for your yoga practice.  



NIANCE - high-quality skin care

Headquartered in Zurich, NIANCE is driven by a passion to discover and enhance the body’s natural ability to recover and rejuvenate. By combining powerful, Alpine ingredients with leading Swiss clinical research, NIANCE has created their award-winning Glacier Facial Cream - a premium solution that truly embodies a level of excellence and superior quality in the realm of skin and body care. With its unique mix of rich ingredients, NIANCE’S PRODUCTS will leave your skin looking smooth and rejuvenated. 



NUTRIATHLETIC® - supplements for professional athletes and sport enthusiasts

The ETH-Spinoff brand take pride in their mission to use the very best of Swiss quality to provide optimal supplements for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Their product are based on well-tested know-how about how to effectively adapt sports nutrition to the body’s workings. Their scientifically engineered NA® VEGAN PROTEIN is the heart of their product range and made from pumpkin, soy or oats!  



 Header photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash